20 years of keeping children & young people safe online

Edtesa is a subsidiary of the online safety charity South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). Edtesa's products and services and our award-winning tools are newly designed, specifically to assist businesses in their online safety practice.

We are building on over 20 years of experience in providing online safety products and services to organisations, helping them develop safer, healthier and more positive work environments.

All of our proceeds go to keeping children and young people safe online

SWGfL Awards

Top innovative online safety company in the UK

SWGfL were proud to be listed as one of the top 70 companies throughout the nation leading the way in online safety products. The independent study, ‘Safer technology, safer users: The UK as a world leader in Safety Tech’, highlights significant growth within the Safety Tech sector, with the number of dedicated online safety firms doubling in the last five years. SWGfL have stood the test of time, with 20 years’ experience in online safety and still being a driving force in innovation and development of tech both at home and abroad.

BETT award winner

SWGfL has been honoured to win two BETT awards over the course of our 20 year history. One in in 2011 for 360 Safe and in 2015 for our work on BOOST which equipped schools with some of our most powerful online tools. We have also been regularly shortlisted for the award with Swiggle being the latest addition for 2021. 

Best education service winner

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline (POSH) a service from the UK Safer Internet Centre and hosted by SWGfL won joint winner for the 2016 Education service award. The helpline is designed to support children’s professionals with online safety issues for both themselves or children and families with whom they work

Edtesa and South West Grid for Learning charitable trust

Edtesa’s aims have always been to assist organisations in their online safety responsibilities whilst promoting wellbeing, security and protection for the workplace.

Our team of online safety experts work to educate our customers on how to stay safe online whilst encouraging them to keep up with technology and important changes in policy and practice.

To ensure we are offering the best advice and can develop further innovative solutions that support positive, healthy work environments, we invest all of our profit into SWGfL (South West Grid for Learning).

SWGfL is a not-for-profit, education based charity that forms 1/3 of the UK Safer Internet Centre. Their work has driven important steps forward in online safety policy and practice and is a leading voice in helping others stay safe online. They advise Government Departments at home and abroad, act on behalf of the United Nations ITU and also sit on leading tech providers global trust and safety councils.. Edtesa supports the need for further development and exposure in the field of online safety and therefore will fund any profit made into SWGfL to assist them in continuing the important work they do.