Why is your company’s online reputation important?

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Whether we know it or not, our company’s reputation can be the foundation of our success. Although you may feel your company provides a quality product or service, your reputation is what drives the business. It’s hardly surprising really; the internet has given so much freedom in how we express our opinions that businesses are getting more feedback than ever before!

The digital age has meant we can review, comment or talk about any company whether it’s a restaurant or book store. Long gone are the days of ‘word of mouth’, we just need to go online and find out what people have said. Your online reputation can determine many things but more often than not, it decides whether people will want to do business with you. It sets an expectation and can guide the consumer’s opinion. It may seem a bit daunting, but reputation can hold a lot of control if we don’t manage it.

Who is talking about my company?

Your company’s reputation may already be measured in a variety of ways.  You may be looking at the productivity your staff achieve each year; you may even measure it through sales figures or in-house data. This is all fine, but data such as this doesn’t take into consideration the external side, which in many ways, matters more. Whether it’s social media, media outlets or discussion forums, these avenues provide rich insight into how the public are shaping your online reputation. The only problem though, is we may not be aware of what is being said!

Having some control over our online reputation can be more challenging than it sounds, especially as the internet is such a huge place. Very rarely do we get the chance to find out where we’re receiving positive and negative feedback and actually have an opportunity to respond! If you get any news coverage, you would want to promote further. Alternatively, if someone isn’t very happy, you would want to resolve the issue before it grows.

How do you find out your online reputation?

TagPoint works to give your organisation a chance to find out what is being said online. Although customers and the general public may shape your online reputation, you are able to actively respond and gather constructive feedback on what is noticeably well-received about your business, and what may need more attention.

Having guidance on these areas allows opportunities for focus and reflection. If a problem arises that may need immediate attention, you’re already ahead of the rest. Hearing plenty of good things about a new product? Review your mentions and see what more you can do to expose it further.

Is someone noticeably unsatisfied about an incident involving your company, possibly referring to customer service? Reach out and try to resolve what issues there may be and prevent any further negativity.

Edtesa Reputation is there to give you control over your online mentions and aims to give you better understanding of your company’s online presence.