A Safe Space To Talk at Work

A Safe Space To Talk at Work

As the world continues to settle into hybrid working and staff navigate communications between virtual work and being in the office, staff wellbeing has continued to remain in focus alongside protecting productivity and company reputation. Which is why organisations need to stay on top of any issues among staff, address them and ensure staff feel they have a safe space to bring anything to their management’s attention.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that staff often feel reluctant about bringing issues to the forefront as it can create a negative perception, bring unwelcome attention to themselves, or may create tensions between other colleagues.

In response to the above,  Edtesa Reporting provides a safe, anonymous communication channel for staff. This allows them to voice their concerns through an SMS or online form. This, in turn alerts the company through an email, after which an anonymous two-way conversation can start.

Protecting Productivity and Reducing Risk

Anonymous reporting enables staff to feel less vulnerable and provides a safe place to share concerns which enhances their sense of being heard in the workplace.

This form of communication helps to counter any potential build-up of negativity, resentment and frustration in the workplace, which can also impact on productivity and an organisation’s reputation. Anonymous reporting encourages a wider number of people to come forward about concerns, which also reduces risk to a company.  

Examples of the types of incidents that Edtesa Reporting can help staff to address:

  • Any threats of violence by a member of staff
  • Racist incidents
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hate Speech
  • Customers receiving poor treatment
  • Any incidents of bullying by members of staff
  • Abusive language
  • Possession of drugs
  • Stealing

By providing an anonymous communication channel, a company builds a sense of trust among staff, while the company benefits by receiving important information about what is happening in their organisation. This can result in preventing any damage to the company further down the road.

More About Edtesa Reporting 

Edtesa Reporting is a wellbeing and anonymous communication channel that allows staff and management to connect and resolve issues in an accommodating fashion. The tool is matched by a suite of Edtesa products, all designed to create a safer and happier workplace to ensure productivity.

This includes Edtesa Wellbeing which is designed to build a positive company culture through bitesize surveys for staff on their wellbeing, providing instant feedback to management, or a more comprehensive targeted survey. It also identifies strengths and weaknesses within an organisation with an overall picture of employees’ health, while providing resources that enable management to understand issues around workplace wellbeing.

Alongside reporting and wellbeing services, there is also Edtesa Reputation which monitors what customers and peers are saying onlineabout a company. The reputation tool enables management to react and make decisions timeously. It provides 24/7 tracking with notifications being sent, making workplaces aware of any mentions; effectively  allowing an organisation to track its reputation over time.

To protect the company’s operations from cyber attacks and potential viruses, there is Edtesa Security Software provided in partnership with Bitdefender, as well as Edtesa Cyber Security Training that assists  taff in spotting security breaches. To wrap up the security products, the Edtesa Data Protection Officer (DPO) service which supports companies in staying up to date with data compliance regulations This ensures that customers are confident that due diligence has been done by the company when it comes to protecting data.

 All of the above services, particularly the reporting toolkits allow businesses to create a comfortable and positive environment for their employees. Discover how Edtesa can help you to improve your company culture!

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