Addressing workplace wellbeing - 5 questions to ask your employees

Addressing workplace wellbeing - 5 questions to ask your employees

When addressing workplace wellbeing, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to navigate your employee interaction. There will probably be a lot of questions that spring to mind when trying to open a discussion, but more often than not, less can sometimes be more!

Asking the right questions can produce better results and give you a much better idea of how well you are addressing your overall staff morale and wellbeing. Below are five questions which you may want to put forward to staff if you want to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Providing open questions can give employees opportunities to talk freely and be honest about their work so you can work towards building a healthier work environment.

Opening a discussion

  1. How supported do you feel in your role?

Support is what can make or break an employee’s experience. If things go wrong or they feel unable to carry out their daily tasks, where do they go and who can they speak to? When support isn’t readily available, more issues begin to arise which can damage an employee’s confidence and affect their work even further. Feeling capable to perform a role efficiently heavily relies on a strong base of support.

  1. Do you have a good work/ life balance?

Balance is what keeps us afloat. For many of us, work is an essential part of life, but then again, so is everything else. If we don’t know when to step away from our work and focus on other aspects of our life, issues can arise.  Burnout is a real thing and can occur when work consumes too much of our time. This can lead to poor mental health and employees can develop concerns over where a job is taking them if there’s no time for anything else.

  1. Do you feel like your voice is heard?

A position, no matter how big or small, comes with a voice. Opinions, ideas and thoughts are all parts of who we are as individuals. When providing a space where all voices are valued, employees can feel there is respect within the workplace as well as confident in knowing that they will be heard if there is a problem.  If a workplace does not accommodate this, employees can bottle up a lot of emotion which can ultimately lead to resentment and feelings of worthlessness.

  1. Do you feel fulfilled in your role?

Roles can vary across a wide spectrum. One person’s role could be drastically different to another in terms of workload, difficulty and time. As well as this, how one person manages their abilities could be completely different to someone else. Just because someone finds a role fulfilling and feels it develops their character does not mean that everyone else does. Taking the time to understand an employee’s capabilities and working with them to make the most of their skills can offer better productivity and overall satisfaction.

  1. Do you feel safe when you’re at work?

A question that can cover a lot of bases and can gather a lot of different answers. Safety in work is something that every workplace should provide when looking after their employees. If staff can’t feel safe then how are they supposed to work efficiently and with peace of mind? This question can refer to the working environment as a whole or could refer to internal concerns involving other members of staff or the nature of the job itself.

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