Data protection – Are you keeping up with all the change?

Data protection – Are you keeping up with all the change?

Data protection is something that we may not want to think about but we certainly need to be aware of. In the age of technology, it pretty much goes with us everywhere, whether it’s in the apps we use, our favourite websites or our yearly subscriptions.

As with a lot of other things, data protection has evolved through the years, ensuring that users are protected and their information is safe. GDPR which came into effect several years ago managed to create a unified data security law across the entire EU that organisations could abide by and follow as correct guidance. With so many businesses taking in so much data on a day to day basis, it’s now the time to ask, is your business GDPR compliant?

Data Protection Officer

A data protection officer is someone who is tasked with the day to day monitoring of data processing as well as being in overall charge of how the business effectively handles data protection. It’s a role that requires a lot of vigilance and commitment with extensive knowledge of what is permitted within obtaining personal data. To gauge how confident your business is when it comes to data protection, are you aware of the following?

  • Does your Data Protection Officer feel confident to give advice and direction when problems or queries arise?
  • Do you know when you should and should not share personal information?
  • Do you know what to do if a security breach happens and whether you need to report it to the ICO?
  • Are you carrying out GDPR and security checks on the companies you use, particularly when using online apps and platforms?
  • Are you carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments e.g. when setting up video conferencing, remote working or transferring personal data online?
  • Do your employees, partners, and sub-contractors feel confident about handling data securely and have they received training?
  • Do you know what information you should be releasing or withholding when you receive a Subject Access Request or a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request?
  • Are your consent forms, privacy notices and Data Protection Policy compliant?

It sounds like a daunting task to ensure you are GDPR compliant, but luckily it doesn’t have to be. The role of data protection officer doesn’t have to be a member of staff, it can be outsourced and instructed to someone external. At Edtesa we provide an independent professional to assist with all aspects of Data Protection, whether it’s a fully sourced DPO service or advice around particular aspects – we’re here to help!

Why not check out our data protection page and see how we can support your business.

Data Protection

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