Does your business have an energy bar?

Does your business have an energy bar?

We all want to know how well our business is performing, and most of the time, we’ve got the data to support it. This could be the latest sales figures, quarterly reports or stats relating to our output. It’s straight forward, easy to digest and available to pull whenever we need it. But while success is often measured in this way, it doesn’t cover an area that arguably is just as important.

Is your business running on low?

An energy bar is something that we are all familiar with (and I’m not talking about food here). If we’ve ever played a computer game, quite often our character will have an energy bar on the screen. It starts off full and as damage is taken, gradually depletes until restored again or runs empty. Once empty though, it’s game over!

Businesses will most certainly have an energy bar but this time round, we don’t get to see it. Unlike a performance review, an energy bar doesn’t relate to profits, it relates to the health and welfare of the company. It may be hidden and not available in print but it’s certainly there! What’s even more concerning is that an organisation’s energy bar could be running on low and they have no idea!

So what determines how well an energy bar is performing? It could be the overall morale of your workforce, the level of standard your work environment sets, the professional relationships you have with your colleagues, it all adds together. These are things that we are certainly aware of but don’t necessarily take into account when we review an organisation’s performance.

The data suggests otherwise

So what if there are no signs pointing to danger? It can be difficult to monitor as performance isn’t necessarily hindered by a low energy bar. Quite often, the welfare of an organisation relies heavily on members of staff who may be working to an acceptable standard but unknowingly carrying a lot of negativity with them. Much like a computer game character, many of the skills can still be performed even when there is barely any energy left.

But what happens when it’s game over, when the energy is all gone? Will staff leave, will productivity decline, will there be reputational damage and hefty costs related to getting things back on track? When disruptive things happen without any prior warning it can take us off guard which can result in more time needed to recover. And what then? Are you back to square one, where the energy is slowly depleting and you’ve got no idea?

A business’s energy bar will always have a degree of secrecy but there are things you can do to help bring some of the issues to attention. Edtesa wellbeing gives you the data that may be missing from your performance reviews. It can address wellbeing, morale and other areas that need attention. The analytics section can offer clear illustration of where the strengths and weaknesses lie, allowing you to address what may be holding you back. There’s no sales numbers or website stats, just pure honest feedback from your staff. Ensure that your energy bar is always on the green and doesn’t slip into the red!

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