Does Your Organisation’s Internet Filter Out Harmful Content?

Does Your Organisation’s Internet Filter Out Harmful Content?

As part of your strategy to ensure that your business is doing everything it can to keep safe online, it is good practice to look at your internet system and considering filtering options. Is harmful content able to be seen when staff are working on devices? This includes terrorist content as well as child sexual abuse material? If you are concerned about what freedom your internet connection provides, there is a free tool available to assist.

Our sister organisation SWGfL initially created the Test Filtering tool to ensure that school internet connections were able to block out harmful online content. As well as this, the tool can also be used to test business internet connections to determine whether filtering is in place. It is then able to test the main components of what filtering system you have in place.

How Does Test Filtering Work?​

To put it simply, test filtering is there to see if your business adequately blocks illegal online content. This includes:

  • Child Sexual Abuse Content
  • Illegal Terrorist content
  • Pornography

If your business wants to address their internet filtering, Test Filtering is free to use and can be used across multiple connections. All you need to do is:​​

  • Select the business option
  • Enter your organisation’s name and postcode
  • State who is your  filtering provider
  • Start the test

Test Filtering can also be used for home internet systems, schools as well as public sectors. There is also guidance from the UK Safer Internet Centre around some of the definitions around appropriate filtering as well as monitoring if you need more information. Get started with ensuring your business is doing everything it can to protect against harmful online content.

Test Filtering

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