Edtesa – building a healthier work environment

Edtesa – building a healthier work environment

We are so happy to announce the launch of Edtesa. This brand new company builds on 20 years’ worth of online safety experience and expertise to bring organisations throughout the world the reassurance, peace of mind and protection they need when it comes to sustaining a responsible and healthy work environment.

Our goal is simple: create and develop innovative online solutions to support healthy work environments achieve ongoing success.

Times have changed, our workplace duties and responsibilities are constantly evolving alongside an ever-changing world, on and offline. There is a duty of care towards everyone in the workplace to keep up with the times and address important steps forward in sustaining a healthy, positive, safe and secure working environment.

What is Edtesa – security and wellbeing at work

Edtesa is a subsidiary to the well-renowned, education based charity, South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). We specialise in affordable, sustainable, practical online solutions to assist and support organisations with their online safety and wellbeing practice. Our solutions are there to provide long term benefit to the workplace which will result in ongoing productivity and continued value. Our work is dedicated to grow and develop important steps forward in the field of online safety. To pave the way for this, all of our profit will get reinvested into SWGfL so they can continue their work to ensure that ‘Everyone can benefit from technology, free from harm.’

At Edtesa we believe that profit is no longer the only measure of how ‘successful’ you are as an organisation. The internet has allowed many more factors to determine who you are as a company, what you stand for, how secure you are and what processes you have in place to adapt to the modern world. Your duties would have changed in the last few years; you can’t afford to make mistakes anymore. It’s important to be one step ahead so you don’t get left behind!

Is my company the best it can be? – Essential avenues to explore

When assessing your company have you considered the impact of the following?

•    Employee Wellbeing

•    Company Reputation

•    Internal communication

•    Client Data Protection

•    Company Data Protection

In today’s world, a small slip-up online could result in much larger consequences. How do you address these topics and act upon them in an efficient manner? How do you address negative feedback online or determine what your online reputation is in a time when customers need to know your true value and worth? Do your employees feel confident to speak up and voice their concerns when they need to be heard the most? Is your company data protected from ransomware attacks and other harmful viruses that are in constant circulation? Overall, is your company a ‘safe space’ to work? 

It’s questions like these that could be holding you back from achieving the ultimate insight into how your organisation is progressing in the modern day.

Online solutions for the modern workplace

At Edtesa our online solutions are there to assist you in the workplace. Our products are designed to consider the bigger picture when thinking about online safety, staff wellbeing, communication and reputation. Have a look at what we can offer and how they can offer long term benefit to your company.


Our communication system Dashup allows staff to send SMS messages and online forms anonymously to higher management. If someone feels uncomfortable discussing an incident or a delicate matter, Dashup allows a new channel of communication to be opened up. Address your staff wellbeing and keep communication alive with the reporting tool that will ensure staff are listened to and protected.


If you're concerned about your online reputation or want the opportunity to understand the impact your company is having online, Tagflag can keep track of all your online mentions and analyse your digital reputation. Whether it's a review, a blog post, social media or press, Tagflag gathers your mentions and reports them back to you with a detailed breakdown of sentiment and influence. You can capitalise on positive reception or address issues when they arise, it’s a constant analysis tool that keeps you in the loop.

Edtesa secure

Edtesa secure will cover many important aspects of online safety.  No matter where you are in your security processes, there’s always something that could need attention. Having the right guidance and relevant systems in place keeps you and your staff safe from online threats.

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