Edtesa launches new positive hybrid working resource

Edtesa launches new positive hybrid working resource

As businesses across the world navigate the transition from remote working to a regular work environment, many managers will want to incorporate a hybrid working model to accommodate both settings. Applying a hybrid working strategy to an active work environment is not easy considering that many employees have been working under unfamiliar conditions for such a long time. There are many factors to consider to ensure that everyone is accommodated and supported throughout this time.

Considerations for businesses

Ensuring that your hybrid working strategy promotes positivity and addresses key supporting factors, we have put together a resource that includes relevant considerations for businesses to adapt if wanting to put forward a hybrid working model.

Included are points that may go unnoticed but are equally important when ensuring all members of staff are supported and have the correct and relevant information when working under different circumstances. Every business is different which is why these points cover a broad range of aspects that can apply however you see fit. The aspects covered include:

  1. Environment

  2. Leadership

  3. Employees

Each heading is broken down with considerations listed. Managers can review each point and see if it is something they need to address going forward. The main reason behind the information is to ensure staff are kept safe and protected throughout this time when transitioning between environments can be difficult. Opportunities need to be opened up for communication and support must be available for everyone no matter where they are.  

The resource is free to download and can be accessed by signing into Edtesa. Check it out and see how you can build a positive hybrid working strategy.

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