Edtesa Wellbeing Shortlisted in Risk Management Awards

Edtesa Wellbeing Shortlisted in Risk Management Awards

We were so happy to hear that Edtesa Wellbeing was announced as part of the shortlist for the 2022 Risk Management Awards for Product of the Year. This is building on from our win at the awards last year where we were announced as winners of the Risk Management Specialist Company of the Year – Micro/ Small. The Risk Management Awards are a fine celebration of companies who provide products and services to support businesses with their responsibilities in the field of risk management.

Edtesa Wellbeing

At Edtesa, we realise that measuring wellbeing is not easy, yet it’s an internal factor that is incredibly valuable in keeping a business healthy and productive. Those organisations that have the internal data to support their wellbeing claims are propelled immeasurably in productivity, reputation and overall presence. To have a breakdown of where the strengths and weaknesses lie is an insight that can ultimately drive future decisions towards success.

Almost four in five (78%) believe employers should now prioritise health and wellbeing at work, with 47% saying they would consider leaving their current job if their employer did not make changes to help improve health and wellbeing.

Research by Ambius

Opening a dialogue may sound risky for businesses but if it makes them aware of an ongoing concern that is easy to resolve, it may save a number of employees from finding other ventures. A business that is willing to listen is admirable and shows a level of support that is much needed for the current climate.

Remote working brings a lot of uncertainty as to how individuals are coping with change and opens up many questions around how businesses can support their staff with overall wellbeing and morale. Allowing employees to voice their concerns as well as note what they appreciate and respect within their work, will allow businesses to reflect and adapt accordingly.

How Does Edtesa Wellbeing Work?

Edtesa wellbeing is an essential part to the Health and Safety of any organisation. It is there to support the health of any business looking to address wellbeing. The tool essentially allows management to pose questions to staff in a survey form to see how successful they are with managing certain internal aspects of their organisation, relating primarily to wellbeing, satisfaction and morale.

It can monitor and open up opportunities for companies to address issues and build a longer term wellbeing strategy that reviews and gathers data as the years go by. This insight can help businesses to improve standards and work towards improvement of productivity and staff retention.

If you want to know more about Edtesa Wellbeing, take a look at our page below. We can’t wait to hear the results of the awards and look forward to November!

Edtesa Wellbeing

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