Edtesa Wellbeing: Supporting professionals working with children

Edtesa Wellbeing: Supporting professionals working with children

As part of our mission to allow businesses and organisations to address their staff wellbeing, we are pleased to announce that Edtesa Wellbeing is now being used as part of a pilot program to support professionals working with children and young people. Our sister organisation SWGfL is working with schools across the UK to see how Edtesa Wellbeing can support members of staff with their wellbeing in 2023. The pilot program will give school staff the chance to use the wellbeing toolkit through various aspects of measuring feedback as well as how appropriate the tool is for a school setting and the professionals who work there.

Measuring Workplace Wellbeing

Edtesa Wellbeing will allow school management teams to pose survey questions to their staff with the intention to gather anonymous responses. Management can build surveys using a variety of prewritten questions that have been created by our experts, with the intention to focus on specific areas of the school working environment and how it is impacting the mental and physical wellbeing of those who work there. These surveys can then be disseminated out via email.

There are three areas for analysis - an Element of the school (e.g. working environment) a Focus of the school (e.g. safety) and an Aspect (e.g. Management team). Management can choose as many questions as they want to include. Some example questions include:

  • Do you feel you are supported at work?
  • Rate your overall mood when you are at work
  • Do you feel like you have a good work life balance?
  • Do you feel safe when you’re at work?

Anonymous responses are then analysed through extensive breakdowns using diagrams that will illustrate what areas within the school are working well and which need attention.

One of the more unique aspects of the tool will allow school staff to access the 200 resources that have been curated to support appropriate teams with developing their workplace wellbeing strategy. For more information on Edtesa Wellbeing, take a look at the website or alternatively watch this informative video.

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