Edtesa wins at Risk Management Awards 2021

Edtesa wins at Risk Management Awards 2021

The team at Edtesa were delighted to receive their first award at the CIR Magazine, Risk Management Awards ceremony taking place at the London Mariott Hotel last Thursday. David Wright (Director at Edtesa) spent the evening with like-minded organisations who lead the way in risk management products and strategies to support their business audience in a superb ceremony that was filled with celebration.

We were announced the winner of the Risk Management Specialist Company of the Year Micro/ Small award and were so happy to receive a very fine trophy.

The risk management topic is something that we try and address through many of our products and services, whether it be through





Addressing each one of these areas can help mitigate any risks that may be posed towards your business and give you the tools and confidence to address them better.

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