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We are offering a free online reputation audit as well as access to our new Hybrid Working resource to the first 10 businesses who complete our short survey! With this free analysis, businesses can begin to see what impact they are having online. We will also be giving away our Hybrid Working resource to support workplaces looking to transition into a new way of working. Complete our survey to be in with a chance to receive just some of these great services

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Why is reputation important?

Whether we know it or not, our company’s reputation can be the foundation of our success. Although you may feel your company provides a quality product or service, your reputation is what drives the business. It’s hardly surprising really; the internet has given so much freedom in how we express our opinions that businesses are getting more feedback than ever before!

The digital age has meant we can review, comment or talk about any company whether it’s a restaurant or book store. Long gone are the days of ‘word of mouth’, we just need to go online and find out what people have said. Your online reputation can determine many things but more often than not, it decides whether people will want to do business with you. It sets an expectation and can guide the consumer’s opinion. It may seem a bit daunting, but reputation can hold a lot of control if you don’t manage it correctly.

Our reputational audit is there to show businesses whether they are having a positive or negative effect on the online world. We can break down where you are receiving the most exposure and what impact this is having on your audience. Results can guide you on what needs attention and whether change is needed in order to thrive better!

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