Happy New Year - Services to Support

Happy New Year - Services to Support

The team at Edtesa hopes you had a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year! There’s a new year ahead and for businesses throughout the world, it may be time to take stock on what went well over the last 12 months and how you’ll look to approach 2022.

A new year brings new change, but unfortunately, we still find ourselves in unpredictable climates that could be affecting how we work and operate on a day to day basis. So, why not spend time taking a look at how Edtesa can support you for the new year? Check out our products and resources below, to give your workplace peace of mind over the next few months!

Products, Services & Resources to Support 

Edtesa Wellbeing - This year you can provide your work community with an anonymous way to give honest feedback around the workplace, including how staff wellbeing and morale is. Get the necessary data to make impactful change to how your business runs internally and support your staff by giving them a new support route.

Edtesa Reporting - Open up a new line of communication to allow staff to anonymously report concerns or issues they may be having. Staff can feel worried about coming forward in person when they have concerns that are sensitive or troubling. Give confidence back to staff and give them a safe space to talk with Edtesa Reporting.

Edtesa Reputation - Keep a mindful watch on your online mentions and discover what your company’s reputation is online, thanks to Edtesa Reputation. Discover data to show what impact you are making online and see where the sentiment lies with how people are responding to your business.

Hybrid Working Resource - With organisations in a state of transition in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses should adopt a hybrid working strategy to ensure continuity and wellbeing respect for staff. The following guidance from the Hybrid Working Resource is to ensure your hybrid working strategy encompasses a positive journey for your employees whilst prioritising wellbeing and safety

Data Protection Officer - With data protection laws constantly changing, translating these requirements into your business can be confusing. Instructing a Data Protection Officer takes the hassle away, keeps your organisation one step ahead and helps demonstrate your commitment to securing personal information.

Cyber Security Software - Keeping devices, information and data safe will protect your staff as well as your business. Make sure that your systems are protected from malicious attacks that can seriously affect your data with our cyber security software from Bitdefender, available at exclusive pricing!

Cyber Security Training - In the past it has been found that human error is involved in 90% of all successful security breaches.  Reduce the risk of this happening to you with Cyber Awareness Training and email protection from Mimecast. Knowing how to prevent and respond to issues can reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and lessen the impact even if the attack is successful.

Helpline Support 

Report Harmful Content - Get free advice around reporting legal but harmful material online. You can also install the Report Harmful Content Button on your organisation’s website to direct users to get free information about reporting content online.

Stay Up to Date

Finally if you would like to keep up to date with all of our services resources and events, don’t forget to give us a follow on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn. Or if you would like more information about any of our services, please contact support@edtesa.com!

We look forward to supporting you and your business in 2022.

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