Increase productivity through staff wellbeing

Increase productivity through staff wellbeing

Employers who create a safe and secure environment for their staff will reap the rewards in increased productivity.

Recent research by LinkedIn has highlighted that staff feel more productive if they are able to share emotions in the workplace.

While there was still a stigma in place about showing any negative emotion in the workplace, with a third of workers unable to ‘express true emotion at work for fear of being seen as unable to cope or a fear of judgement’, nearly half of workers indicated they were comfortable about sharing emotions. This included humour or sadness, with 65% saying they felt more productive as a result.

The research showed there were three key pillars to a positive workplace:

  • Better emotional support from management
  • An empathetic company culture
  • A better work/life balance

More than half said they felt less anxious when being able to open up to their boss about feeling overwhelmed, while 8 out of 10 believed humour to be the most important factor in company culture.

Edtesa Wellbeing can help your employees

A healthy work environment matters and with Edtesa Wellbeing, Edtesa specialises in providing long term benefits to the workplace through practical online solutions to assist organisations with their wellbeing practice.

Helping to incorporate a positive strategy in the workplace, Edtesa Wellbeing gives management teams the tools to build an emotional temperature map of their organisation, allowing businesses to assess the mental and physical health of staff. The toolkit allows businesses too:

  • Get feedback from staff around a range of employee wellbeing issues
  • Build up a picture of workforce health to identify workplace wellbeing strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide a comprehensive bank of categorised questions, enabling staff to respond to targeted survey questions

Get access to specific resources that can help employees to improve their mental wellbeing and help management to improve their approach towards the subject. Adapted from the NHS workforce health and wellbeing framework, the Edtesa Wellbeing tool covers topics such as communication, leadership and management, mental health, working environment and physical health. It also provides an anonymous communication channel for direct reporting for staff.

As seen from LinkedIn’s research, it’s important that staff are given a space to express their emotions. Not only does it boost productivity, it will boost the overall wellbeing of your business. Discover more about Edtesa Wellbeing to support those around you.

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