Online safety and cyber-security – how to manage these areas

Online safety and cyber-security – how to manage these areas

To ensure your business is protected online, there are two areas that need addressing; online safety and cyber-security.

Although it may seem as though they are the same thing, online safety and cyber-security are substantially different in how they contribute towards protecting your business. Both areas are equally important and relate to the overall management as well as the day to day activity of employees and members of your community.

Find out how you can manage both of these areas and what tools are available to help you:

Managing cyber-security at work

Most of us will be very familiar with cyber-security as we would have needed to put robust measures in place to protect our business from day one. Cyber-security relates to the software and practice we use to protect our devices. Installing anti-virus software or updating our laptops on a regular basis are some of the common ways we do this. These measures are put in place to protect against viruses and other forms of online attacks such as malware.

If a business operates without any cyber-security practices in place, they are in immediate risk of cyber-crime and risk a substantial loss of data and information. It is advisable that every device operating under a business has up-to-date cyber security in place. Users can address this through:

Online safety in business

Online safety relates to how your business including employees and other members of staff protect themselves online. Online safety is more about knowledge around responding to online attacks as well as what we do as individuals to ensure we are protected. Some of the ways to stay protected online include:

  • Creating strong and secure passwords to protect data
  • Knowing how to respond to online attacks such as phishing.
  • Avoiding harmful or illegal content online
  • Protecting our reputation and keeping personal information secure
  • Engaging and interacting with others safely online

Managing online safety in business

Businesses can address online safety through a number of different ways. Some of these can include:

If you want to know more online safety and cyber-security, you can always visit Edtesa to see what advice, guidance, resources or products can support you in protecting your business and members of staff.

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