Our online reputation doesn’t reflect our offline reputation

Our online reputation doesn’t reflect our offline reputation

Reputation can be a tricky thing to navigate, especially as it can come at us from a lot of angles. An online reputation is substantially different to an offline one in terms of how it can reach different audiences. We may be getting the rave reviews in-person from customers and clients but these review may not be represented well, online. Positive reception and reputation is an important driver for future business and public awareness so it’s important that all reputation related bases are covered.

Take a look at some of the considerations below if you are concerned about your online reputation.

No online presence 

Your business may have been running for many years and developed a loyal customer base that will swear by your service to all their friends and family. Returning customers and a positive reception from all those who come through the door would have formed your offline reputation from day one. Despite this, you may be a bit behind in terms of developing your brand and reputation online. While it doesn’t seem disastrous, your online reputation is somewhat exposed to all kinds of possibilities if not kept on top of.

It’s fair to say that most people will turn to the internet if they don’t know where to go to for a particular service. It’s important to consider how your business will sit during this process and how well you appear to someone who isn’t aware of your offline reputation. Maybe there isn’t enough feedback or even much information for them to paint an overall picture of the quality service you’re providing. Just remember that online reputation extends well beyond loyal customers and will stay with the business for much longer!

What can I do?

Staying on top of your reputation doesn’t have to be complicated but it’s essential you can show the rest of the world what positive impact your business is having. Social media presence or a review section on the website, may be the kind of reassurance your potential new customers need in order to pay you a visit. If you’re getting the feedback you want offline, extend a request to see if the customer or client  could leave an online review on your website, social media pages or Google; anywhere that could capture some attention!. You’ll be surprised how attractive a 5 star review looks to a new customer!

As your online reputation grows, it can become harder to keep on top of and analyse everything that is going on. That’s where our online reputation tool comes into play! Edtesa Reputation works to monitor your online mentions as and when they come in, giving you a detailed breakdown of the sentiment and the impact they are having. Not only that, but it provides you with the source of the mention to provide opportunities of thanks towards that person or opportunities to extend customer service, allowing you to resolve any issues.

We may value the in-person hand-shakes and seals of approval but the online world talks to a much bigger audience, so let’s make sure we look after our online presence!

Discover how Edtesa Reputation can support your business!

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