Protecting your company data

Protecting your company data

It’s one thing to make sure your own private details are kept secure on a daily basis but when your work information comes into play as well, that’s when an extra layer of vigilance is needed. Sensitive work data is no longer confined to a tiny computer in the back of the office. With the accessibility that technology gives us, we can carry emails, documents and other essential pieces of information right on our phones and other devices. This, in turn, allows opportunities for slip ups and cyber-attacks tooccur a lot more often.

With these opportunities and reports of attacks being so common, it’s important for businesses and employees to be aware of how attacks can occur so they’re prepared and alert for when these situations present themselves. Take a look at our top tips below to ensure your company data can stay protected.

Top Tips for Security

  1. Taking your time - Mistakes are made when we’re not thinking straight. You may receive an email asking to quickly confirm your account details or encouraging you to click on a link. Just remember, there’s no need to rush into things, review the situation, check who is actually asking you for this information and never click on anything that is suspicious or untrustworthy. If in doubt, go through a known channel and get confirmation from other employees before proceeding any further. Never feel pressured into following an order before doing the appropriate checks.

  2. Be aware of your surroundings – Security isn’t just focussed on technology. We can slip up just by talking with friends or even family members. Your company information is private and shouldn’t be divulged to just anyone. People can overhear all sorts of sensitive things if you give them a chance! Just remember that this too can lead to consequences such as data leaks or reputational damage. Keep a lid on it and always be aware of who’s listening in.
  3. Mix things up – Hackers succeed because we make it too easy for them. If we use the same password for all our accounts and follow expected patterns, security breaches can happen across a large scale! The only way to make it harder is to mix it up by ensuring you use different passwords for different accounts; making sure they are tough to crack. The longer the password, the better!
  4. Get appropriate training – Attackers are so good because they try and stay ahead of us every step of the way. Technology changes on a daily basis which can open up more opportunities for problems that we may not know how to handle. Training keeps you updated with the latest advice around responding and preventing attacks. We offer packages from Mimecast that can provide training for the whole company, ensuring you stay protected and alert to what attack could occur.
  5. Create awareness – Security isn’t just reserved to the IT department. Everyone in the workplace carries a password and can access sensitive information; so it’s important that all other employees are just as savvy! Understand that creating an environment with strong security awareness can load your organisation with the knowledge needed in order to stay protected. Encouraging staff members to engage in training and making them aware of potential attacks could be all you need to keep your business safe!

If you want to know more about cyber security, you can always take a look at Edtesa’s security pages to get all the latest tools and service to support you. We have a data protection service, cyber-security software and training packages available.

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