Report Harmful Content releases reporting button for organisations

Report Harmful Content releases reporting button for organisations

Report Harmful Content (A reporting service run by the UK Safer Internet Centre) has introduced a new, innovative and accessible way for users to report legal but harmful material online! The Report Harmful Content button is a quick and simple method for helping anyone to report offensive or harmful material online, no matter where they are.

Report Harmful Content Button

Data from Report Harmful Content’s annual report showed that 90% of content escalated to industry was successfully actioned and removed, indicating the right tools do exist to report and resolve these distressing events for victims. As well as this, the data also showed that: One in three incidents involved bullying or harassment, there was a concerning 225% increase in ‘hate speech’ reported and domestic abuse trend found that 75% of perpetrators were personally known to the victim, and three-quarters of reports were made by women.

Who can use the RHC Button?

Organisations can now install the button on their website for free, allowing any user to make a report direct to Report Harmful Content. Legal but harmful material can make its way into all walks of life and quite often it’s difficult to know where to go to for help and support. Organisations can now actively direct their users to Report Harmful Content and help keep the spread of harmful material away from their users’ online experience.

How is This Different?

Report Harmful Content has a team of dedicated practitioners who not only review content but actively communicate with victims, ensuring they are listened to whilst offering guidance and mediatory support where needed. Due to the close relationships that the service has with industry, they are fully versed in legislation and online safety, ensuring that decisions towards harmful content are precise and fully justified.

This close relationship with industry can help escalate content that has already been reported to the hosting site. If a piece of content has remained online after a report to the platform, Report Harmful Content can help escalate it towards removal or further justify industry responses and provide advice for further support. The service works to remove the following eight types of online harm:

  1. Online Abuse
  2. Bullying or Harassment
  3. Threats
  4. Impersonation
  5. Unwanted Sexual Advances (Not Image Based)
  6. Violent Content
  7. Self-Harm or Suicide Content
  8. Pornographic Content

David Wright (Director of UK Safer Internet Centre) said:

Trying to prevent legal but harmful content online is a task that must be supported by everyone. The simple process o directing someone to the right place is an essential step to keeping legal but offensive material away from our internet experience. The Report Harmful Content Button is the support that users need. Organisations can now easily support their users who are victims of harmful online content. This will all go towards making the internet a safer place for all – install the button on your website for free, it’s as easy as that

Report Harmful Content is a national reporting service, available to anyone over the age of 13 to report any harmful material they may have seen or been victim to online. 

Report Harmful Content 

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