Reputation – Why It Matters

Reputation – Why It Matters

For any organisation or company, actively managing your online reputation is crucial. Ignoring your online reputation is risky business as many people search online for reviews. While good reviews will attract more business and strengthen an organisation, negative reviews or mentions can push customers away, impact profits and damage staff retention.

We specialise in affordable and practical online solutions for online safety and wellbeing within organisations and recognise that a strong reputation strategy includes a number of underlying aspects to consider, when ensuring a positive online reputation.  Edtesa products have been developed to help businesses focus on the combination of staff well-being, reputation, communication and protection of data.

It’s these four pillars which create a positive message of caring within a safer work environment, which in turn can attract a higher quality workforce.  This leads to an enhanced reputation for the organisation, but it is also essential to stay ahead of any external harmful online mentions. To do so, check the following:

  • How do you determine your organisation’s online reputation?
  • Can your organisation react efficiently to negative online mentions?
  • Does your staff feel confident about raising their own concerns?
  • Is your organisation’s data protected?

All of the above topics are linked to each other and ultimately your organisation’s success. As the workplace continues to evolve, the key areas to consider include:

•    Company reputation – is this being monitored? Public perception and impact on business needs to be analysed on a regular basis.

•    Internal communication – are there open channels of communication between management and staff? An anonymous reporting tool can bring previously unrecognised issues to the attention of management and helps build strong internal communication and a positive work environment.

•    Employee wellbeing and support – do you have an understanding of your staff’s wellbeing? On-going surveys and analysis will establish an effective wellbeing strategy, with staff recognising their workplace as a ‘safe space’.

•    Client data protection and company data protection – has your staff had responsible online safety training ? This will reduce any chance of ‘slip-ups’ which can lead to reputational harm for the organisation.

A Combination of Strategies

The traditional workplace was turned upside-down during the Covid pandemic, bringing the use of technology to the forefront during the last two years. This means it has become even more important that a combination of these strategies - managing reputation, staff wellbeing, internal communication and data security - be implemented in the workplace.

Edtesa Reputation gives you access to what your clients and peers are saying about you online and how to manage that effectively. This is matched with :

  • Edtesa Wellbeing, which has surveys, resources and data analysis available
  • Edtesa Reporting which provides an anonymous channel of reporting between management and staff to improve internal communication
  • Edtesa Secure which offers online safety training, data protection and cyber security measures.

Edtesa focuses on growing and developing online safety for your business. We are committed to building long term benefits for the workplace and ensuring we hold up SWGfL’s primary goal of ‘Everyone can benefit from technology, free from harm’.

Discover more about Edtesa Reputation, its importance, and how it can support your workplace, here. Alternatively, hear more of our thoughts about reputation management and how it can affect businesses, in our range of articles.

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