Research Released Into Online Harm

Research Released Into Online Harm

The internet is a vast and complex place, where people can interact with each other from all over the world. While this connectivity can be a wonderful thing, it also means that there are risks associated with the online world. One of the biggest risks is the presence of harmful content, which can include anything from cyberbullying to graphic images and videos. To combat this issue, the UK Safer Internet Centre has released its Report Harmful Content 2022 annual report.

Legal but Harmful Online Content 

The report aims to provide an overview of the types of harmful content that are most prevalent online, as well as to highlight the work that is being done to combat it. It also includes recommendations for how individuals, organisations, and governments can work together to create a safer online environment for everyone.

One of the most striking findings of the report is the increase in the number of reports of harmful content over recorded 20 months. This increase can be attributed in part to the fact that more people are spending time online due to the pandemic, but it also highlights the need for continued efforts to address this issue.

The report identifies several types of harmful content that are particularly prevalent online. These include cyberbullying, which can take many forms, including harassment, insults, and threats. Other types of harmful content identified in the report include violent or graphic images and videos and impersonation.

Combatting Online Harm 

While the report highlights the prevalence of harmful content online, it also emphasises the work that is being done to combat it. The UK Safer Internet Centre operates the Report Harmful Content service, which allows individuals to report harmful content they come across online. The service is available to anyone over 13 in the UK and is designed to be easy to use.

In addition, the report highlights several other initiatives that are helping to make the online world a safer place. These include the Online Safety Bill, which is currently being reviewed by the UK government. The bill aims to make social media companies and other online platforms more accountable for the content that is shared on their platforms, and to give users more control over the content they see, however in its current form it is looking to dismantle essential obligations to have impartial dispute resolution processes in place.

As well as the report, the service emphasises the importance of education in creating a safer online environment. It recommends that schools and other organisations provide education on online safety to help young people navigate the online world safely. This can include teaching them how to recognise and report harmful content.

Overall, the Report Harmful Content 2022 annual report highlights the need for continued efforts to combat harmful content online. While there are many challenges associated with this issue, the report also highlights the progress that is being made and the potential for further improvements in the future. By working together, individuals, organisations, and governments can create a safer and more secure online environment for everyone.

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