The impact of lockdown – adapting to change in the workplace

The impact of lockdown – adapting to change in the workplace

2020 was a year that no doubt will go down in history. For some, the sheer drastic nature of how our daily lives changed can be still seem quite unbelievable, even to this day. When managers throughout the country were ordered to adapt their organisation to adhere to new COVID-19 guidelines, it was almost as if years and years of standard workplace practice was quite literally ‘thrown out the window’. Staff were sent home, departments were sectioned off and technology became more essential than it has ever been before!

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, what we sometimes forget, is just how much change we have put our organisation through. Our day to day has now taken on a new form that several years ago would have seemed unfamiliar and strange. New organisations in particular are trying to survive in a setting that may be constantly working against them. Luckily, we live in an age of technology where our online presence has allowed many to continue the important work they do. How has this affected our company though and the people who work within it?

Working from home – considerations and associated risks

Our work colleagues are being seen through a screen. We’re no longer getting coffee with them or asking them for ‘a quick catch up in conference room B’. Our business lives may now be more determined by scheduled meetings and email chains than ever before. We may no longer have our ‘office base’ to review and consider the bigger picture.

Taking ourselves away from our comfort zone can expose important areas that could be a risk to your organisation’s ongoing development. Ask yourself whether you have considered the following when reviewing your business.

  • Are my staff supported at work and can they communicate any issues they may be facing?
  • Do you understand how this time may have affected your staff on a professional level?
  • Are my staff working in a safe and secure way that protects important aspects of my company's ongoing development?
  • Is my company data and client data protected?
  • Do I know what ‘image’ my organisation is painting online? Are we showing a positive influence in a time where we need to show our worth?
  • Do I know what is really going on in my company?
  • Overall, is my company a safe, secure and positive place to work?

These are questions that you may have considered in the past but didn’t possibly consider a vital aspect of your model. Now, these have rapidly become some of the most important areas to address. Our own value as a company is determined by the impact we can create along with the success of how we function internally. A healthy working environment is the key to ongoing productivity and these areas are the fundamental pillars in maintaining a sustainable base.

Edtesa – staff wellbeing, reputation, security, protection

We have built Edtesa to provide affordable, practical online solutions to address the current shift in working environments. It can be difficult to keep track of everything going on in your organisation so Edtesa aims to offer peace of mind solutions to cover a variety of essential aspects.

Don’t go out there unprepared! Edtesa is there to help you protect what you have worked so hard to build up.

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