Watch the Edtesa webinar here!

Watch the Edtesa webinar here!

This week we presented our first ever webinar to a host of professionals from different organisations to learn about the ins and outs of how to create and sustain a healthy positive work environment. The one-hour session brought together some of our leading experts to discuss some of the risks affecting businesses in 2021 whilst drawing particular attention to:

We recorded the event for those who couldn’t make it! Make sure you check out the webinar and see what we touched upon in the link below.

Watch the webinar

Breaking it down

David Wright (Director of UK Safer Internet Centre and Director of Edtesa) hosted the session, whilst introducing all the speakers. David kicked things off by giving a brief overview of Edtesa as well as highlighting our association with SWGfL and our mission to keep children and young people safe online.

Ken Corish (Wellbeing and hybrid-working)

The first section of the event was presented by Ken Corish (Director of Edtesa) who gave an insightful look into the importance of workplace wellbeing as well as the significant change that working from home has brought towards businesses throughout the world. He outlined that wellbeing comes from many different factors and they all need to work together in order to make effective change. He highlighted the necessity for:

  • Positive cultures
  • Energising environments
  • Highly effective managers
  • Strong working relationships
  • Job satisfaction
  • Healthy lifestyles

Ken went into detail around these building blocks whilst outlining the challenges and expectations that go along with each of them. He went on to talk about hybrid working and shared some interesting statistics around the impact of the strategy and shared some data around what employees expect when it comes to working in an office as well as at home. He finished by talking about Dashup and the features it can offer to those looking to address their workplace wellbeing. 

Carmel Glassbrook (Reputation)

Carmel Glassbrook (Professionals Online Safety Helpline Lead) then took the floor to discuss the importance of online reputation. Her work on the helpline has shown just how much of an impact reputation can have on an organisation with businesses being severely damaged just from a few bad reviews.

Carmel shared some examples of reports she had come across whilst on the helpline as well as the specific issues that were associated. She talked about the importance of monitoring your online presence as well as ways to recover from negative encounters with strong encouragement towards responding in a timely fashion and offering support wherever possible. Her section was rounded off with a brief overview of Tagflag and how it can go towards helping organisations monitor their online presence.

Andrew Williams (Cyber Security)

The event was rounded off with a startling look at the issues surrounding cyber security for 2021 presented by Andrew Williams (Cyber and information security lead). Andrew shared some worrying statistics around the threats that are facing businesses around computer attacks and data breaches with 46% of organisations saying they had a security breach.

He broke down what threats are most common including phishing attempts that involve malware, impersonation and fraudulent websites. He went to explain what businesses need to do in order to protect themselves effectively with particular emphasis on training and necessary procedures to help combat attacks such as a cyber-security lead and proper security software. He closed by highlighting the several services that Edtesa offers to help support businesses with their cyber security.

All that and much more you can watch in our webinar.

Watch the webinar

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