Who cares about your wellbeing?

Who cares about your wellbeing?

When we consider our wellbeing, we may look towards our family and friends for support. It’s common for boundaries to be set between work and our private lives to keep some distance between the two and wellbeing may fall into the latter on most occasions. Despite this, we spend such a long time at work that it’s almost impossible for wellbeing not to be addressed in this setting.

For a lot of us, our morale and overall wellbeing can be determined by our job situation, so it’s important that we look towards those who can support us at work in order to get the most positive outcome. Here we look why wellbeing should be addressed in the workplace and where it should come from.

Opening opportunities

A successful workforce requires a team that is obviously productive but also works together and looks out for each other. Everyone will on some level have the same goal to achieve, whether it’s hitting sales figures, launching a product or meeting expected deadlines. If someone is struggling, then this can have a knock effect which can ultimately lead to tasks not being carried out or productivity levels dropping.

As management, it is essential to ensure that everyone is looked after, no matter what job title they have or for how long they have been at the business. It is important to consider that many employees will not openly discuss their issues at work in fear of being judged or penalised for showing emotion. Times have moved on and wellbeing is now a priority that must be addressed from the top.

Opening opportunities up for staff to discuss their problems can change the work dynamic for the better. Showing you care about morale on an individual level can allow employees to feel more comfortable at work whilst acknowledging that communication and openness are welcome within the work setting.

Building this dynamic within the workplace can also encourage individuals to continue this mentality between themselves. If mental health and wellbeing are openly addressed, then employees may feel they can confide in one another when times get hard. Lead by example and build a positive mentality!

Give employees a voice

Part of our work to improve internal communication with Dashup is to create opportunities for staff to speak up and most importantly, for management to listen. A new and exciting feature will soon allow management to pose questions to their workforce which will gather essential data around workplace wellbeing.  

Using this tool, businesses will be able to see where the issues lie. It will also allow their staff to feel they have a voice and are supported even more so than normal. With this new feature on the horizon, we would like to remind businesses of the importance of internal communication, especially during this transitional phase of returning back from remote working

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