Working from home again? – Quick reminders

Working from home again? – Quick reminders

With so much change going on, it can sometimes feel a bit like déjà vu when the phrase ‘working from home’ comes into circulation again. While it’s unclear what the future may hold, if you’re looking to incorporate remote working into your business again after a long period of being back in the office, it’s important to remember the expected change when everything moves online.

Remote working – Opening communication up

As we’ve said before, the online dynamic is a lot different when staff are working from home. We can’t poke our head around the door and ‘check in’ with members of staff as easily. Communication might be hindered throughout this transitional process when it actually may be needed more than usual. If there’s a big change in how you operate, ensuring everyone is aware of what’s going on is the first step whilst signposting where the help and support is.

Opening up communication is key during this period, it can show you are addressing the welfare of staff and ensuring that there are channels still open for people to communicate concerns. When changing work environments, this period can be a difficult process for some so it’s important they have somewhere to go to for support. 

Change can also affect the structure of how staff work. What may have been working well in the office could be drastically different at home. Some staff may struggle with their work/ life balance more so, now that work has moved to a home setting. Workloads may have increased and overworking may be become more common again as the boundaries become somewhat blurred.

Adapting to change

Big transitional periods are the perfect time to remind staff of what support is available to them as well as taking the time to find out what is working and what isn’t. Gathering insight around this period is essential to ensure your remote working strategy is firing on all cylinders. Extending the opportunity for feedback around this time can drive you in the right direction if there’s any uncertainty around remote working.

Edtesa Wellbeing opens up a dialogue with staff that provides you with essential data to see where strengths and weaknesses lie. Staff can give honest feedback around how the transitional period has been for them, as well as highlight any areas that may be affecting their wellbeing. This can ultimately give management the data they need to ensure wellbeing is prioritised and can go on to build the positive work environment your business needs.

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