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Mimecast cyber security training features & pricing

We’ve partnered with Mimecast to offer you their Small Business products at a great price:






Email Security: Protection at and Within the Perimeter    
Awareness Training: Make employees one of your greatest security assets, instead of the weakest link.
Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection:
Defend against the even the most sophisticated attacks types, control spam, and contain malware.
Internal Email Protect: Prevent attacks from spreading internally between employees or externally to customers and partners. Automatically or manually remediate threats. 
Resilience Extensions: Enhanced Cyber Resilience    

Continuity: Keep email flowing no matter what.

Sync & Recover: Quickly and easily restore messages, files, or entire mailboxes – and make data loss a thing of the past.  
Web Security: Let employees work safely online from anywhere and on any device. Monitor and control the use of unsanctioned, unsecure applications.  
Large File Send: Easily and securely send large files up to 2GB.  
Secure Messaging: Reduce the risk of data exposure by making it easy for employees to securely send sensitive or confidential information.  
99-Year Archive: Simplify e-Discovery, case review, and end-user search, while ensuring data is never lost   
Support: Legendary Customer Service    
Included: 24x7x365 telephone support. Online access to Mimecast’s Knowledge Base.SilverSilverSilverSilver

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