Could your staff spot and thwart a cyber attack?

The biggest security risk and attack vector in your business is your staff. Support them with comprehensive cyber-security training, email protection, and secure business tools

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Cyber security training

Human error is involved in 90% of all successful security breaches.  Reduce the risk of this happening to you with Cyber Awareness Training and email protection from Mimecast. Knowing how to prevent and respond to issues can reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and lessen the impact even if the attack is successful.

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Support staff with sophistcated email protection software

Email is the simplest and most widely used attack vector when trying to find a way into your business, protect your staff with modern sophisticated email threat protection:

Enhanced cyber resilience with secure data transfer and recovery tools

Security concerns must not get in the way of your staff doing their work, having robust and defined tools and procedures for data transfer and recovery will ensure that data is protected and available.