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Protect your business

At Edtesa, we understand that getting the most out of your digital experience involves a strong foundation of safety and security. That's why we've brought together the latest services to ensure your online journey is protected from the start.

Simple, effective, and affordable security solutions

Whether you're looking to protect your data or educate yourself on the latest security guidance, we have the latest security best practices and security services to support your business.

Comply with GDPR regulations and keep up-to-date with current data laws by instructing a data protection officer.

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Protect your organisation's systems and devices from viruses and cyber-attacks with the latest in security software. 

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Educate your staff on the latest cyber-security guidance. Learn how to prevent attacks and keep your company safe.

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Data protection officer

With data protection laws constantly changing, translating these requirements into your business can be confusing. Instructing a Data Protection Officer takes the hassle away, keeps your organisation one step ahead and helps demonstrate your commitment to securing personal information.

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Security software

With 4500 successful daily cyber attacks on UK businesses, falling victim to any one of them could mean your company data is severely compromised. Reduce the threat, minimise the impact and stay protected with our competitively priced options from Bitdefender.

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Cyber security training

Human error is involved in 90% of all successful security breaches.  Reduce the risk of this happening to you with Cyber Awareness Training and email protection from Mimecast. Knowing how to prevent and respond to issues can reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and lessen the impact even if the attack is successful. 

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Across all devices

Whether your company works on mobile devices, desktop computers or tablets, our products can meet your requirements.