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Our anonymous reporting tool Edtesa Reporting includes many features that are there to work alongside the company. We have broken down the various FAQs that are involved from each perspective as well as how the tool operates from a security point of view. This is all to make sure you know exactly what to do when it comes to using Edtesa Reporting.

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Edtesa Reporting management FAQ

What happens when someone sends a report via the website?

The report will appear on your Edtesa Reporting dashboard which you can then compile a response to.

What happens when someone sends a report via SMS?

The report will appear on your Edtesa Reporting dashboard which you can then compile a response to.

How do I respond to reports?

When you receive a new report, you will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to that report. Alternatively, from the Edtesa Reporting Reports page, you can see how many new messages there are to respond to.

What if a report comes out of hours – how to access it?

You will receive an email notifying you that there is a new report, which you can then respond to during normal working hours. Make sure to customise your form to set users expectations on what time scale you try to reply in.

Where can I see all the reports?

The Edtesa Reporting dashboard shows you how many messages are in each inbox, upon entering an inbox, you can see a list of reports

How can I log any actions taken in response to a report?

Each report has a notes tab; to which you can record any actions taken. It can be referred to by other admins in your team at a later date.

What is the first step, what do I need to set up first?

The first thing you need to do is to create a form so your users can send you reports, then create an inbox to receive them.

How many inboxes do I need?

You can setup as few or as many inboxes as you think you require.

Why do I need different inboxes?

You may want different people to be notified, depending on the type and where the user chooses to direct the report. You may also want admins to only manage specific reports, which you can manually move to an inbox they have access to.

Can I delete a message?

No, messages cannot be deleted. This is to make sure there is a paper trail should anything come to light that involves the administrators of the system. You may receive junk messages; these messages should be marked as “Junk” to hide them from the main message stream

Why can I not delete an inbox?

You can only delete an inbox if it has no messages in it, and it is not the default inbox of a form.

Edtesa Reporting usage FAQ

What happens when I send a report via the website?

Someone at your company will read your message and respond to you if required. You can access their responses through your unique URL which will be generated when you submit your report. If you enter your email address, we will email you when someone has responded. Your email address will not be revealed to the company.

What happens when I send a report via SMS?

The report will be sent to the company who will able to read it and then respond. You will also receive an automated response with your unique chat link if you wish to chat via the web. Any response will be sent to your phone via SMS, and you can respond by simply replying (without using the SMS prefix code)

Where will I see the response?

You can access your message chat via your unique link that will be generated when you submit your report. If you send your report via SMS, you can respond via SMS.

What happens if I do not leave my email address, how will I know I received a response?

When you submit a report, we generate a unique link for you to be able to access your chat. If you do not enter your email address, we will be unable to notify you when you get a response. You will have to periodically access your unique link to check if you have any new messages.

Why do I need to save the URL to be able to communicate with the staff?

We have provided a save button so that you can access your unique chat URL, if you enter your email address we will email you when you receive a response along with the link to your chat. In this instance you would not need to save the link.

How much will it cost me to send/receive messages

To send an Edtesa Reporting SMS, you will be charged your standard SMS rate for each text you send, which may be included in your package. You will not be charged for receipt of SMS messages.

Will my company know my mobile number if I send an SMS?

Your mobile number is recorded by the Edtesa Reporting system for the purpose of relaying messages between you and the staff, the staff do not have access to your mobile number or other specific pieces of personal data, and it is managed in accordance with our terms and conditions, privacy, and data protection policies

Edtesa Reporting security FAQ

Do you have cybersecurity policies and are they regularly reviewed/maintained?

We have cybersecurity policies covering various areas. They are regularly reviewed.

Is there confirmation that there will be no secondary use of personal data?

Customer data within the system is collected for the purposes of providing and operating the system, and will only be processed for those purposes.

Are there sufficient and appropriately trained personnel to protect the data?

We maintain a skilled team of developers, as well as separate security resources and availability of external resource (for maintenance or development) if required. Within this structure, planned maintenance is performed to reduce the exposure of the system to unplanned incidents.

Is there risk management of third-party vendors?

We procure the services of third-party vendors carefully, and this process includes risk assessment and analysis. During performance of services, third-party vendors are subject to the same risk management process as we have in place for internal resources.

Are regular, independent audits of privacy and information security practices carried out?

Independent audits have been carried out in the past, and will be carried out again in the future.

In which locations will the data be stored?

Data will be stored in the UK only.