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Edtesa Reputation is a powerful tool that enables you to see what is being published about your organisation online. Whilst it has lots of features, you can refine your settings as you go along. For now, getting started is really easy!

Just follow our simple guide and you will be receiving matches in no time:

  1. Accessing Edtesa Reputation
  2. Create an alert
  3. Setup an email notification

Accessing Edtesa Reputation

You can access Edtesa Reputation from your Account Dashboard, to get there:

  1. If you are not signed in:
    1. Select Sign In from the top right hand menu
    2. Login to your account with your email and password
  2. If you are signed in:
    1. Click your Avatar at the top right of the screen
    2. Click the Account button

You should arrive at the Account Dashboard, where you will see a button to Access Edtesa Reputation.

Creating an alert

An alert is a keyword or phrase that the system continuously searches the internet for. It then records the results it finds so you can see what is being published about you or your organisation online.

To create your first alert, go to the Keywords & Results page

Add an Alert

If you have not yet added an alert, you will see a description of how to add one. Click the Add an Alert button. To add more alerts, click the plus (+) symbol.

You will now be presented with the add interface. Here you can construct how your alert will be matched.

Choosing your Keyword / Phrase

Deciding what keyword or phrase to enter here can be tricky. If it is too generic, you will receive lots of results that are not relevant to you, similarly, adding something too specific will not match things that are relevant enough.

To get started, we suggest using your organisation name. If you have a common organisation name or it is a well known phrase, think about what other words could narrow down the results, such as your location.

You can add up to 5 phrases, and join them with ANDOR, or NOT. To add these filters click the + button next to the input box. For example, you could match "Fantastic Company" AND "London".

Save your Alert

Once you are happy with your alert phrase(s), click Save. The system will now start to search for results.

Setup email notifications

Now that you have setup your alert, we need to tell the system what to send you via email.

Access the Notifications Interface

Access the Email Notifications interface like this:

  • Click the Back button to go to the Edtesa Reputation Dashboard
  • Click on Email Notifications

Add a Notification

  • Click the plus (+) button to add a new notification
  • Select the type of notification you would like to receive
  • Select which alerts you will be notified about

Then click Save. You will now be notified at the time specified if you have new matches.