Edtesa Wellbeing

Build your company culture around employee experience

Assess and improve the wellbeing of your staff, support managers to address concerns, and build trust with staff that issues can be safely reported

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Having trouble retaining staff? Is your workforce happy?

Building a great company culture requires engagement from all stakeholders to communicate with staff, take their concerns seriously, and make meaningful change. Edtesa wellbeing gives you the tools you need to assess the health of your workforce, and supports you to make improvements:

Adapted from the NHS workforce health & wellbeing framework

Our wellbeing tool uses the highest quality source material to provide comprehensive wellbeing performance infomation, enabling you to understand topics such as:

An anonymous communications channel for direct reporting

Aggregated surveying helps you understand your staff, feeback and improve. But Edtesa Wellbeing takes it to the next level with full integration with Edtesa reporting, enabling your staff to anonymously report any issues directly:

Edtesa Reporting is included with Edtesa Wellbeing, find out more about it here:

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